Friendly Solutions for Your Computer Environment

Today, in a world depending on technology, individuals and companies require fast, reliable and flexible services tailored to their specific needs. I offer a wide range of IT solutions to meet your specific business and private needs.

I have been working in IT services since 1994, back when computers still looked like over-sized shoe boxes, we used floppy disks to save our data and Windows 95 revolutionized operating systems. Since then, I have been constantly adapting my skills to a fast-changing IT environment, taking on new challenges with every project and acquiring longtime extensive knowledge in a wide range of IT services.

I have been working for a large variety of clients, which include private individuals, small businesses as well as large international companies who all appreciate my reliability, customer orientation and friendly service.

I offer the luxury and ease to provide my service at your business or residential location with a flexible time schedule and at affordable prices.

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I offer a wide range of IT services for your specific business and private needs including programming, maintenance, network administration and training.

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Work Experience

I see every project as a new challenge to satisfy my client with a fast, tailor made and flexible solution. I have successfully completed many projects, for which I have worked as a programmer, technician, system administrator and trainer.

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Here you can read recommendations written by my clients about my work.