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“Barry has been my computer technician for almost a decade. He is super reliable, friendly and honest. He is helpful at saving costs because instead of recommending me to buy new hardware and software, he fixes and upgrades what I've got. He uses TeamViewer, so it's really comfortable to be able to resolve at least some of the issues remotely. Whenever I hear someone is looking for a computer technician I always recommend him! “

Shlomit Lasky, Shlomit Tours Berlin

“Herr Varouch hat stets höchste Flexibilität und Mobilität mit einer überdurchschnittlichen Einsatzbereitschaft zu verbinden gewusst. Selbst an Feiertagen und zu später Tageszeit stand Herr Varouch mit Rat und Tat unsriger Unternehmung zur Seite. Dabei hat Herr Varouch stets gewusst komplexe Sachverhalte für den Computerbenutzer einfach und verständlich zu formulieren. Somit hat er einen wichtigen Bestandteil für unseren betrieblichen Erfolg gesichert.“

Michael Zukernik, Philharmonisches Kammerorchester Berlin

“Herr Barry Barouch Varouch ist seit April 2012 im Bereich Büroautomatisierung-Anwendungen / Windows / Access für uns tätig. Wir kennen ihn als fähigen Dienstleister, der in Absprache mit unserer Geschäftsgeleitung verschiedene Umstrukturierungen von Alt-Programmierungen und Neu-Programmierungen vornimmt. Wir können Herr Barry Barouch Varouch für diesen Bereich gerne weiterempfehlen.“

Holger Has, Hascon Consulting

“Mr. Barry Baruch has provided outstanding customer service to some of the most strategic clients of Calanit Carmon. We were very happy with Mr. Barry Baruch performance and are certain he would be a great asset as an employee.”

Kashtan Yigal, Calamit Carmon LTD

“During his employment Barry had developed 4 key applications for Mekorot, all of which are still in production. All Applications were developed with VB and MS-Access on SQL Server 2000. Barry took part in system analyses and did all coding by himself. The applications are developed professionally and were well documented, leaving practically zero maintenance to current programmers. In his work, Barry was helpful and cooperative both to users, superiors and peers. He’s responsible, diligent and a quick adopter of new technology.”

Ami Einav, Mekorot

Among his duties Mr. Barry Baruch was responsible for software development involving scripting, batch files, Visual Basic and MS Access, and hardware maintenance. A combination of good technical knowledge and interpersonal relations together with ambition, motivation and good learning skills make Mr. Baruch a good choice for any company.

Ron Gang, Music Genome

“Hey thanks, Barry my laptop works great again. Great that it went so fast :)”

Angie Teickner

“Barry, you're the best! explained me everything I needed to know. fast service and a fixed laptop in the end! the BEST!”

Ben Fisher

“Thanks Barry, great service, glad to have my babies fixed and back home :)”

Rouven Fisher

“Thanks Barry, your service was fast, reliable, decent and you helped me solve the problem :-)”

Shlomit Lasky

“Thank a lot Barry for the reliable and fast service!”

Danit Gal

“many many thanks for a promt Service!!!!”

Nimrod Mor-Shovall

“vielen vielen danke für deine schnelle und profiemäßige Hilfe jjaa mein Rechner läuft wieder super DDANNKKEE“

Gabi Van De Sandt

“SUPER-Service! Schnell und professionell!“

Vladlen Chernomor

“Barry is the best computer service person in Berlin. Totally competent and a very good person!”

David Robinson

“Barry Best Computer....the one & only one”

Helen Shay P.R

“Barry ist the right man for your software-problems! He bring it down to the earths with cleverness, relaxed manner and empathy! :-) Thank you so much!!”

Dorothea Therese Kalisch

“smart and nice doc barry :)”

Lena Rabe

“Barry ist einfach schnell, Klasse, und superkompetent“

Constanze Kleiner

“bester Service zu super Konditionen“

Yvonne Kevin

“Hi Barry! Vielen Dank das du meinen Computer wieder auf Trab gebracht hast, nach langem Harre raufen, und obwohl ich zugeben muß das ich auf dem Gebiet Computer und technischem Verständnis so wirklich Null Ahnung habe, habe ich Dank deiner Geduld doch schnell verstanden wie ich mit meinem neuen System arbeiten kann. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks!!!!!!!!!!!!​!! ;-) Manu!”

Manuella Paulo

“Many thanks to Barry Baruch for fixing my crippled PC. For anyone out there needing a computer wizard, I highly recommend him! And the computer is FASTER and BETTER than ever before!”

Jay Newman

“Bei Barry war es perfeckt und günstig aufjedenfall weiter empfehlen“

Santo Medo

“Thank you so much, Barry, for your spontaneous IT support - I can recommend your service - you are reliable, flexible and patient - thanks again”

Silke Dimitriw

“Barry Baruch provides a speedy and helpfull customer service, even to computer illiterate souls like me, highly recommended.”

Janet Leenders

“Barry is the best!!! He makes with yours PC what is needed - quickly and uncomplicated!!! Thank u for your help!!!!”

Julia Temtsin