Development of responsive websites that are compatible with both PC screens and mobile devices.
(html, css, php, JavaScript)

Elad Europe 2011 B.V.

System/Network Administrator

System administration and technical support.

Viggo B.V.

Regional Manager

Maintenance of Hotels' smart TV systems in Germany.

Hascon, Holger Has Consulting

Various Projects

Maintaining, debugging and adding new components to existing systems.
(Access, VBA)

BB Computer Services

Robocopy Windows Interface

Windows interface for a friendly graphical user interface to this command-line tool.
Download the app. Please note that .net 6 must be installed and can be found on Microsoft's website.
(WPF, xaml, c#)

Robocopy Online user Interface

Responsive web interface for a friendly graphical user interface to this command-line tool. Go to app.
(html, css, php, JavaScript, MySQL)

Responsive website development in 3 languages that is suitable for PC screens as well as mobile devices including support for rtl (right-to-left) written language.
(html, css, php, JavaScript, MySQL)

Billing System

Application for managing customers billing and business expanses. Customers and meetings information is being collected automatically from Outlook as well as automation of emails sending.
(Access, Outlook, VBA)

InterNations Event Management

Application for managing events, guest lists and creating summary reports automatically.
(Access, VBA)

Image Convertor

Application for converting photos formats.


Media Data Proofing

Applications for automatically proofing and fixing music files names and information.
(Access, Excel, VBA)

Music Genome

Auto Copy

Application for copying multimedia files, their information and restarting specific windows services.
(Visual Basic)


Small applications and scripts for automatic installation and configuration of music servers and stations.
(Visual Basic, Batch Files)

Prepare Update

Application for automatically copying, filtering and preparing multimedia files and information for update packages.
(Visual Basic)

Remote Connection

Application for automatically finding IP address of music server and connecting with pcAnywhere.
(Visual Basic)

After Ripping Process

Scripts for copying multimedia files and information to their final destination and starting catalog building process.
(VB Script)

Mekorot - Israel National Water Co.

Corporate Trainings

Applications for the management of employee trainings, courses and education.
(Access, VBA, SQL)

Purchasing and Budget

Applications for the management of equipment and devices purchasing.
(Access, VBA, SQL)

Employees Loan

Applications for the management and exporting necessary data to accountant department of return payments of loans given to employees.
(Access, VBA, SQL)

Employees Gifts

Applications for the management and exporting necessary data to accountant department of gifts given to employees at certain holidays.
(Access, VBA, SQL)

Dead Sea Works

Yearly Budget Reporting System

An application for analyzing data from mainframe and building custom budget reports for each department.
(Access, VBA)

Bank Leumi

Year 2000 Project

Converting Lotus files and macros to Excel for insuring a correct 4 digits year operations.
(Excel, VBA)

Coca Cola

Sales Management

Management System of Clients, Stock and Export Invoices.
(Excel, VBA)

Hatzedef Kitchens

Sales Management

Management System of Customers, Suppliers, Orders and Services.
(Access, VBA)


Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Analysis and Reporting System from internal data surveys of employee satisfaction of their managers in companies as Cellcom, Indigo, National Semiconductors, CNS and FedEx.
(Excel, VBA)

El Al Airlines

Finance Management

Management system of employees/internal finance for employee representatives.
(Excel, VBA)

Standards Institution of Israel

Protocols Formatting

Automatically import and format protocols text from mainframe into word files.
(Word, VBA)


Letter Wizard

Specifically customized letter wizard with options and functions that are not included with the built-in letter wizard.
(Word, VBA)


Telemarketing System

Application for managing quotations and orders of customers.
(Excel, VBA)

Keret Insurance

Telemarketing System

Application for managing and reporting of customers data by custom filtering.
(Access, VBA)

Israeli Police Jerusalem

Ticketing System

Application for ticket issuance by data stored in database.
(Access, VBA)

Kal Bet

Private Building Management

Application for managing projects in private construction.
(Access, VBA)


Reporting System

Analysis and Reporting system from internal data surveys and creating reports as Word files. The project included Classes developing (.dll, .ocx files).
(Visual Basic, Word, Excel)