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I create custom applications and solutions with a strong emphasis on flexibility and professionalism, designed to perfectly match the specific needs of my clients, whether they're in a professional setting or for personal use.

My programming expertise covers a wide range of areas, including websites, web applications, standalone applications, and even enhancing the functionality of MS-Office programs. These applications can seamlessly connect to external databases like MS Access, SQL Server, and MySQL. I employ a variety of programming tools such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP,, VBA, and batch scripting. Websites and web applications I develop are responsive and adaptable to various screen sizes, and they can also support multiple languages.

For a glimpse of my past programming projects, you can refer to a partial list provided here.


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I'm here to tackle any issues you encounter with your computer hardware or software. I'll pinpoint the most suitable, speedy, and budget-friendly solution for you, which includes tasks like diagnosing problems, replacing hardware, and handling installations, among others.

I offer expert support and guidance for installing and configuring various aspects, including but not limited to:

Once we've identified the issue, you can choose the type of service that suits you best. This might involve remote support via phone, handing over your device to me for a solution, or arranging for my services at a location that works for you.

Network Administration

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Should you require consistent IT assistance, network management, or consultation services for your company, we can establish a flexible timetable that caters to your needs. This could involve ongoing hourly support or a designated timeframe, based on your preferences, to ensure consistent support for your business.


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I also provide training and expert guidance for indiviI also provide training and expert guidance for individuals who are less familiar with computers and want to become more comfortable with today's technology-driven world. This includes helping you learn how to use various devices and applications.